Save your sanity, your marriage … even your life!

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Psychology experts rank moving house up there among the most stressful things in life, even ahead of relationship problems. Avoiding the stress can be easy, if you know what you’re doing.
But the trouble is, most of us only move about once every 10 years. So it’s not something you gain much experience at.
How to keep calm when moving on
For most people, moving house involves the most expensive and life-changing transaction they’ll ever undertake. On top of that, many sellers do it under already stressful circumstances, often one the ‘three Ds’ – death, divorce or debt!
Or maybe they’re moving interstate, or just feel pressured because they’ve already bought elsewhere. Not many vendors call an agent to say ‘take your time, I’m in no hurry’.
In these cases, the potential stress of moving house can be magnified by other stressful conditions. And if stress doesn’t kill you, it can sure play havoc with your love life!
So, in the interests of a long and happy life, here are the three things sellers must avoid:
– pushing your spouse into the sale process before he/she has committed to it,
– having unrealistic price expectations, and
– appointing the wrong agent.
The third point is vital. Once you and your family have decided to sell, your most important decision is which agent to appoint. You need one so professional, so good at their job, and so in tune with the market, that the sale process becomes plain sailing.
You should also look for an agent who shows empathy for your situation because after all, for the next 60 days, you’ll probably spend more time with them than with your other half!
Psychologists will tell you, best way to deal with stress is to recognise what’s causing it and have a plan to deal with it. Remember, things will only be stressful if you don’t feel in control. A great agent puts you in control and on top of the situation.
Your agent should be able offer:
• Trustworthy guidance and advice. Experience counts.
• Pricing accuracy. It’s vital to get it right.
• Proven market expertise. Buyers these days are savvy, but a top agent will always know the market better.
• Respect and consideration. Your agent must be someone you trust to show your home, and conduct open homes in your absence.
• Constant feedback. The best agents keep you informed, always.
• Skillful negotiation. Negotiation is the key. A quality agent not only knows how to attract genuine buyers, they can draw out those buyers’ best possible offers.
Change isn’t scary if you know what you want, have a plan to achieve it, and feel organised and secure.
Houses can be bound up with memories. But the memories don’t stay in the house. They move with you. Don’t worry about what you’ll miss, be excited about what’s ahead. Your house should be about who you are now, not who you were then.
These days, there are plenty of self-appointed property experts out there only too keen to tell you what they think. But without informed research and experience, their views are only that … opinions.
Choose your agent carefully, and enjoy the selling journey.

Still grabbing headlines

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A 1930s property, designed by architect Marcus Martin, has gone on the market in Toorak with expectations of $4.8 million-plus.

The property, at 10 Yarradale Road, was featured in Australian Home Beautiful in 1937 – the year after its completion. For the past 15 years, it has been the home of Judy Ward, a former PricewaterhouseCoopers partner, and her late husband, Philip Molyneux, a former chairman of Equity Trustees.

The two-storey house has multiple living spaces including a dining room with attached marble-topped bar opening to a courtyard, separate study, and four bedrooms around a central first-floor retreat.

Amid the Edna Walling/Robert Boden-designed gardens is a solar-heated swimming pool with cabana and a treehouse.

Jock Langley, of Abercromby’s, has the listing. It goes to auction at 11.30am on September 14.

Source : The Age/Domain/Aug 16-17/Private Property.

The federal election – How will it effect the property market?

Posted on 31 Jul 2013, 10:57 a.m. in Abercromby's, News

1_har.gif (1)

The 2013 federal election has been a long drawn out affair with the former Gillard government calling a September 14 election more than six months ago. This long lead time seems to have mitigated any anticipated effect to the property market.
History tells us that past federal elections have seen sellers take a ‘wait and see’ approach during the usual six week campaign. As soon as an election date is called the market tends to grind to a halt as vendors exercise caution.
With the recent reinstatement of Prime Minister Rudd, it is likely that a six week property market hiatus may soon be in store with the imminent announcement of a new election date.
History also highlights that it’s not all doom and gloom. The moment the election is over, no matter the outcome, there is always a spike in sales across the board.
Each year, winter and the school holidays create a quieter environment for real estate transactions. However, through this time our team have been quietly placing a number of select homes with a superb buyer response and outstanding sales results.
A premier, premium, independent partnership driven business, Abercromby’s sets itself apart from the competition with a service that is both discreet and completely confidential.
To learn more about our exclusive, prestige offerings, please call us today on +61 3 9864 5300.

In the Press : For the young at heart

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For Anna Young, daughter of entertainer Johnny Young, the “wow” factor was important when designing a house for her family, but so was the need to create something functional.

“We also really thought about the kids a lot in the process,” says Ms Young, who has four children under 10.

Owner of the Johnny Young Talent School in Richmond, she and her husband, builder Andrew Kenneally, bought the then “derelict” property at 24 Prentice Street in Elsternwick five years ago and overhauled it. The two-storey house has four bedrooms, living and dining areas, opening to a deck adjoining a pool. For auction on August 17 at 11.30am. Sam Goddard and Jock Langley of Abercromby’s, are quoting $1.45 million-plus.

Source : Domain

Abercromby’s is in the News… 29a Adelaide St, Armadale is featured in Saturday’s Age Domain’s Private Property:

Posted on 29 Jul 2013, 11:10 a.m. in Abercromby's, Auctions, News

Upmarket downsizing


John Simkiss – a former partner at Potter Partners and senior executive at Telstra Super – and his wife Rae are downsizing from their Armadale townhouse.

The modern two-storey house at 29a Adelaide Street features four first-floor bedrooms and multiple ground-floor living spaces, including a back family and meals area and a separate study. There’s also a double garage.

The house goes to auction on August 3 at 11.30am and Tim Derham, of Abercromby’s, is quoting $2.5 million-plus.

Source : Domain



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Visit one of Stonnington’s best kept secrets this weekend. 10am to 4pm Saturday and Sunday

Northbrook and Stables
1257 High Street, Malvern
Visit the stables and Northbrook House, and access the historic collection, which includes books, journal articles, photographs, building plans, maps, subdivision plans, rate records, newspapers, research notes and general local history information.
The large, Italianate style home was designed by prominent London born architect, Charles D’Ebro.

Sensational Family Entertainer

Posted on 27 Jun 2013, 12:01 p.m. in Abercromby's, Just Listed

prentice.gif (1)

24 Prentice Street, Elsternwick is currently available for private sale.

The property will be open Wed 3rd Jul, 2:00pm-2:30pm.

We thought we should give you prior notice in case you know of anybody keen to move into the surrounding area.

Should you have any queries about this property, or any other real estate matter please do not hesitate to contact:

Sam Goddard 0448 870 454
Hugh Hardy 0407 339 807

Moving up in prestige universe

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Buyers are trading up on the back of a prestige home surge.

Price growth in Melbourne’s $1 million-plus housing range is starting to bring flow-on benefits to the wider market. The prestige property sector has moved up a gear this year, mainly because more ”trade-up” buyers are chasing opportunities to upgrade their standard of housing.

Real estate commentators say that Melbourne’s top-end market is in much better shape than Sydney’s, and that strengthening demand for $1 million-plus homes here is rubbing off on sales of lower-priced property.

The senior economist at Australian Property Monitors, Dr Andrew Wilson, said on Saturday that Sydney’s residential market had recouped all the price losses it had incurred since capital city house prices began to fall in 2010.

By contrast, Melbourne’s median house price was still 4 per cent below its peak in June 2010.

Data collected by the Fairfax-owned Australian Property Monitors (APM) shows there are 30 Melbourne suburbs with a median house price of $1 million or more. Sydney has 110 million-dollar suburbs. ”We have seen very strong and rising auction clearance rates since Easter in both Sydney and Melbourne, with different segments within those two markets operating at different levels,” Dr Wilson said.

”We have a quieter prestige market in Sydney at the moment, but a more active prestige market in Melbourne.”

He said Sydney’s housing recovery was being fuelled by improving sales in the entry-level and mid-priced segments.

”In Melbourne, it has been the top end of the market that has lifted the wider market out of its correction phase and put it into a recovery phase,” he said.

”That has been driven by the fact that the Melbourne prestige market was up to 15 per cent below its previous price peaks. People started to see there was a lot of value in the prestige market.”

Rob Vickers-Willis, sales director of exclusive agency Abercromby’s, said the company’s sales in the June quarter to date were 28 per cent up on sales for the 2012 June quarter.

Since April, Abercromby’s has sold 38 Melbourne properties at an average selling price of $2.4 million. About 45 per cent were private or off-market sales and 15 per cent of properties were snapped up by overseas buyers.

Melbourne’s prestige market has three segments – $1 million to $2 million, a $2 million to $4 million mid-level top-end, and $4 million-plus.

Buyer’s advocate Mal James said $2 million to $4 million sales were strong. He believed the price falls seen since 2010 in the wealthy Stonnington and Boroondara municipalities had now been made up. ”Stonnington has been the big mover,” he said. ”Sales in Stonnington this year compared to last year are just chalk and cheese.”

Marshall White, which handles many $1 million to $5 million sales, is seeing more trade-up purchasers. Director John Bongiorno said buyers who owned lower-end prestige homes were trying to upgrade but some were being frustrated by a lack of stock. At many auctions of $1 million to $5 million properties there were now two to five bidders.

Dr Wilson said trading up made sense in this market. ”If you’re in the bottom end of the prestige market, a trade-up scenario works for you. Even though you have to discount your property, you are getting the higher-value property at a discount rate.”

Saturday’s auction clearance rate was 71 per cent, from the 632 auctions reported to according to the Real Estate Institute of Victoria. There are 680 auctions scheduled next weekend.

Source : Domain

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