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Posted on 4 Mar 2021, 10:30 a.m. in Abercromby's, News

Meet Jack Richardson - Senior Sales Executive & Auctioneer

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How long have you been with Abercromby’s?

I joined the Abercromby’s team roughly 18 months ago.

What sparked your interest in real estate?

A good friend who was in real estate pushed me to explore real estate as a career, as he thought I’d be a good fit. The more I found out about the industry, the more I thought he could be right! I love meeting a whole range of different people, the competition and the reward of achieving great results.

How do you achieve success with your clients or in your role with Abercromby's?

I could go on for a while with this one but it’s through my systems and processes that ensure nothing slips through the cracks and not a single dollar is left on the table for my clients. I’m diligent with my approach, enthusiastic when selling and importantly have a genuine passion for the industry which means I’m happy to be available 24/7.

What’s something you want to do in the next year that you’ve never done before?

My wife and I have just had our first baby, so the focus for the next 12 months is try and work out how to be a parent!

What’s the best advice you’ve ever heard?

I think some of the best advice I’ve received is pretty simple but it’s just to do your best every single day. If you can get to the end of the day and honestly say you’ve done everything to the best of your ability and not taken any shortcuts, you’re well on your way. The other advice I’ve been given which I turn to often, is that if you focus on the process, the outcome will look after itself.

What’s the most important achievement you hope to accomplish in your current role?

Becoming a leader in the team is definitely something I’m hoping to accomplish by setting an example and also helping to guide the team to future success.

How do you maintain work/life balance?

It is always a challenge but one of my big things is being as efficient as possible while I’m in the office, so I can be home at a reasonable hour to spend time with my wife and daughter. I’m always up early also to make sure I exercise, as I feel this puts me in a positive headspace for the day ahead.



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