MEET OUR TEAM- Introducing Ada Taylor

Posted on 2 Sep 2019, 1:49 p.m.

"I think traditionally women have played a far more supportive role in real estate. They have tended to be more of an assistant or support to the lead agent. That is not something that I necessarily aspire to. I am more than capable of taking the lead myself and that's where the challenge is and that's where I get the reward.

Before real estate, I was an academic and I did nutrition. I was very involved with helping people in a clinical setting and real estate enabled me to continue doing that, because the majority of the time you are dealing with someone's greatest asset and that requires a lot of respect, and a lot of care. I mean it is really hard to give someone the very best level of service and get the best result for them if you do not really understand where they are coming from. It was part of my personality that was probably always there, but my previous roles did not really give my competitive nature the opportunity to shine.

There is nothing like the thrill of the chase. There is nothing like the thrill of closing a deal. We want mutually beneficial transactions. That is the ultimate goal and moving forward you want to build strong relationships with all camps. My loyalty will always be to my vendor. I have their back, I am the gatekeeper and I will do everything in my power to get the very best result for them and that is, where I guess the competitive nature comes in. If you can combine genuine empathy and it must be genuine, with the ability to be competitive and to close the deal, then you have got the perfect combination for this type of industry". LISTEN to Ada's story here:

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