MEET OUR TEAM - Introducing Tim Derham & Michael Derham

Posted on 19 Jun 2019, 10:18 a.m.

It started at an early age. Going to auctions, running through the end of the auction flag and seeing the board, seeing him in action, and seeing the crowd really get involved.

He said to me that you are a people's person and I think that you should try real estate. I think you would be really good at it.

(TIM) I feel very honoured that he has become part of the team.

I remember the first week of going into the industry. It was where I want to be. It came to a point in my career where I became a little bit lost within the organisation. I decided that there was another company that probably was able to offer me what I wanted.

(TIM) I thought it was fantastic that he said: “I want to go and challenge myself” and obviously get better.

And they were very supportive in doing that. So, I left and worked with another organisation for around three or four years. I felt that the culture of the other organisation, that they were losing what was most important to me, and the most important thing was being upfront and honest with my clients.

(TIM) Many listings we have lost because we have walked in there and said these are the facts, this is what your house is worth. But then they say: “but oh joe blow says it’s worth another $500,000.” If they want to go elsewhere, then I have got all respect for them. I understandably say that I am disappointed that we are going to lose the business but again if I can help out in any way feel free to get in touch.

(TIM) And they come back cap in hand. “You were right. We are sorry we didn’t choose you.” But it is about the experience you have with the client, so in the end, they do become a raving fan.

Having the opportunity to come back to Abercromby’s where those values that I truly believe in. That’s what they had on offer, so again it was an easy transition for me to come back.

LISTEN to their story here:

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Australia’s property market has the right catalysts for a rebound: record low interest rates and investor-friendly government

Posted on 19 Jun 2019, 10:03 a.m.

Making Headlines | Jock Langley, an agent at @Abercromby’s Real Estate in Melbourne, said that the country is a great place to invest in.

“The low [Australian] dollar, stable democratic government, and ease of lifestyle and safety and security are the key draw cards as well as [quality] higher education,” he said, as featured in the South China Morning Post. See link below


SecondBite Gala Dinner 2019

Posted on 17 Jun 2019, 10:10 a.m.

On Monday 3rd June, #Abercromby's Real Estate gathered along with many other guests at the Melbourne Town Hall, to help support #SecondBite in raising funds for those in need, at the Waste Not Want Not gala.

Watch the highlights from Waste Not Want Not by clicking below:


SecondBite Gala Dinner 2019

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