Season's greetings from Abercromby's

Posted on 17 Dec 2019, 11:20 a.m.


Christmas is a time when we at Abercromby’s like to acknowledge to you, and to each other, that our business only exists as a result of our relationships with our clients. That it’s about you. And we try to run these relationships with the same heartfelt integrity as we do our friendships. So, Happy Christmas, friends. From all of us here at Abercromby’s: drive safely, swim safely, love each other, and raise a glass of something good to this wonderful time and place.

Our office will be closed for business from Tuesday 24th December 2019 and will re-open 9am Thursday 2nd January 2020.

If you have any EMERGENCY maintenance issues during this time, please call the appropriate 24 hours tradesperson below. Please also ensure you notify us via email that you have contacted them.

Plumbing – Remedy Plumbing ph: 0480 124 664

Electrical – Master Maintenance Property Services ph: 0488 725 566

Electrical – Esteem Group ph: 1300 791 780

Other Maintenance – Master Maintenance Property Services ph: 0488 725 566

Other Maintenance – Esteem Group ph: 1300 791 780

Flood Restoration – Flood Emergency Services ph: 0421 554 338

Flood Restoration – CBD & Mega Property Services ph: 0402 174 463

Have a Merry Christmas and a happy, successful 2020.


Posted on 12 Dec 2019, 10:46 a.m.


Landlords, it’s worth remembering that with the pending legislation in Victoria, pets will be allowed in rental properties unless there are exceptional circumstances that will need to be determined by VCAT.

To familiarise yourself with this legislation and all the proposed changes to Residential Tenancies Regulations visit to share your thoughts before the public consultation concludes on Wednesday December 18 2019.

Welcome to the Team - Jack Richardson

Posted on 26 Nov 2019, 2:10 p.m.

Jack Richardson Low Res.jpg

We are pleased to announce a new addition to the Abercromby’s sales team with the appointment of Jack Richardson as a Senior Sales Executive and Auctioneer.

Having long-standing experience and success in the local market, Jack brings with him an impressive list of results and a strong client network. Jack has a superb reputation for building a strong connection with vendors and buyers alike, as well as an excellent understanding of how to market prestige homes at the highest level.

We know his skills and style are going to resonate extremely well with the people and properties we represent. Jack says “he is extremely excited to work at Abercromby’s with its smaller team and discreet sales methods focused on the high-end market".

We know Jack will be a terrific addition to the Abercromby’s team and we look forward to a long and fruitful relationship. To discuss your options or to just have a friendly chat, Jack can be contacted on 0488 336 929 or email:

Abercromby's is proud to support SecondBite

Posted on 26 Nov 2019, 2:06 p.m.

Abercromby's is proud to support SecondBite, who put 38.8 million meals on the tables of Australian's in need last year. We sat down with SecondBite's CEO, Jim Mullan to better understand why feeding Australian's in need, has tragically, become a growth industry.


"So, when I started here three years ago, 2.4 million people accessed food relief. Last calendar year it was 4 million. We're going to be feeding one million people a day in this country within the next couple of years, and that's not reversing. So, unfortunately, we find ourselves in a growth industry. I think the responsibility, however of organisations like Abercromby's is recognising that government is not coming back. It'll do stuff around the margins. But it's not coming back. If that's, in fact, the case, then what you need to do is try and plan, develop and fund an industrial approach to resolving this problem. Cause that's going to be the scale it requires".

If you want to contribute to or know more about SecondBite visit

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MEET OUR TEAM- Introducing Ada Taylor

Posted on 2 Sep 2019, 1:49 p.m.

"I think traditionally women have played a far more supportive role in real estate. They have tended to be more of an assistant or support to the lead agent. That is not something that I necessarily aspire to. I am more than capable of taking the lead myself and that's where the challenge is and that's where I get the reward.

Before real estate, I was an academic and I did nutrition. I was very involved with helping people in a clinical setting and real estate enabled me to continue doing that, because the majority of the time you are dealing with someone's greatest asset and that requires a lot of respect, and a lot of care. I mean it is really hard to give someone the very best level of service and get the best result for them if you do not really understand where they are coming from. It was part of my personality that was probably always there, but my previous roles did not really give my competitive nature the opportunity to shine.

There is nothing like the thrill of the chase. There is nothing like the thrill of closing a deal. We want mutually beneficial transactions. That is the ultimate goal and moving forward you want to build strong relationships with all camps. My loyalty will always be to my vendor. I have their back, I am the gatekeeper and I will do everything in my power to get the very best result for them and that is, where I guess the competitive nature comes in. If you can combine genuine empathy and it must be genuine, with the ability to be competitive and to close the deal, then you have got the perfect combination for this type of industry". LISTEN to Ada's story here:

2019 Outback Car Trek Raising Funds for the Flying Doctor

Posted on 31 Jul 2019, 9:40 a.m.

Earlier this year Abercromby’s Charitable Fund donated towards the Royal Flying Doctors Outback Car Trek.

1520 (2).jpg

The Outback Car Trek is an annual event that donates the funds it raises each year to the Royal Flying Doctor Service. Since its inception in 1990 the Trek has grown to become the largest annual fund raising event for the RFDS, and is open to members of the public. The Trek has three guiding principles; have fun, see Australia, and raise money for the Flying Doctor. In excess of $28.3 million has been raised to date.


Well done to all those involved.


Meet Andrew Harlock - the Abercromby’s director who went from selling cars to selling houses

Posted on 29 Jul 2019, 12:43 p.m.

The bright lights of Melbourne lured Abercromby’s director Andrew Harlock – then a promising footballer – from the country in the 1970s. Initially, cars were his calling, but soon property paired up with that passion for motoring.


What brought you to Melbourne after you finished school in Geelong?

I got an offer to come up to Melbourne to train with the Fitzroy Football Club. People who played football then had to have a job as well. I saw that Lanes Motors was looking for sales trainees, so I applied for that role. There were 250 applications and I got the job.

Did you continue with football?

When I got the job, I didn’t finish work early enough to go to training. As it turned out, I loved my footy, but I wasn’t passionate enough about it to give up a career.

Describe your path from cars to property.

When it came to cars, the training program then was really about getting to know the product, so I learnt the length and width of every car, everything about engine capacity. After three years as a trainee, I went into sales and I sold for seven years. I had 10 years at Lanes and then I left and went to real estate agency Bennison Mackinnon.

What was real estate like then?

We had two-way radios in our cars. People would come to open for inspections having seen a little sketch in the paper. People are so much more informed now. In the old days, if you had five houses open at a weekend, you could have 50 to 80 people through that you had to call.

What is the biggest difference between working in real estate versus cars?

The greatest difference is the highs and lows. In cars, you’d have your ups and downs but not anywhere near the extremes you have in real estate. With cars, you got a salary, you drove the car – you were always driving the Mercedes – and the commission from the sale. In real estate, if you missed the listing, you’d get nothing.

But the good times in real estate are very good, aren’t they?

Yes, but some people can handle the downs better than others. It’s a rejection business but it’s how you handle it.

So, it comes down to personality?

Yes, a little. I think Abercromby’s has a good range of personalities and that’s important. There’s a lot more of the strategy now in real estate than in the past. You need a balanced mix of personalities in your team. My role is now more to look at our culture and how we work together.

What is your life like outside work?

We just bought a place up near Euroa, at Creightons Creek. I had always said I’d love to get something in the country. My wife and I saw the place and we both fell in love with it.

And you have a place in the city?

We actually just sold our house in March. We want to spend more time up at the farm. We know where the market is, and we could have waited but we looked at it like we’d be putting our lives on hold. We’re renting in Hawthorn and I walk our big, black Labrador Archie every morning for eight kilometres around Kooyong Park and Kevin Bartlett Reserve.

And do you still drive a Mercedes?

Yes, a station wagon – we almost deliberately bought it for the dog. My wife says he and I are co-dependent on each other.

Read more about Andrew HERE:

MEET OUR TEAM - Introducing Tim Derham & Michael Derham

Posted on 19 Jun 2019, 10:18 a.m.

It started at an early age. Going to auctions, running through the end of the auction flag and seeing the board, seeing him in action, and seeing the crowd really get involved.

He said to me that you are a people's person and I think that you should try real estate. I think you would be really good at it.

(TIM) I feel very honoured that he has become part of the team.

I remember the first week of going into the industry. It was where I want to be. It came to a point in my career where I became a little bit lost within the organisation. I decided that there was another company that probably was able to offer me what I wanted.

(TIM) I thought it was fantastic that he said: “I want to go and challenge myself” and obviously get better.

And they were very supportive in doing that. So, I left and worked with another organisation for around three or four years. I felt that the culture of the other organisation, that they were losing what was most important to me, and the most important thing was being upfront and honest with my clients.

(TIM) Many listings we have lost because we have walked in there and said these are the facts, this is what your house is worth. But then they say: “but oh joe blow says it’s worth another $500,000.” If they want to go elsewhere, then I have got all respect for them. I understandably say that I am disappointed that we are going to lose the business but again if I can help out in any way feel free to get in touch.

(TIM) And they come back cap in hand. “You were right. We are sorry we didn’t choose you.” But it is about the experience you have with the client, so in the end, they do become a raving fan.

Having the opportunity to come back to Abercromby’s where those values that I truly believe in. That’s what they had on offer, so again it was an easy transition for me to come back.

LISTEN to their story here:

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Australia’s property market has the right catalysts for a rebound: record low interest rates and investor-friendly government

Posted on 19 Jun 2019, 10:03 a.m.

Making Headlines | Jock Langley, an agent at @Abercromby’s Real Estate in Melbourne, said that the country is a great place to invest in.

“The low [Australian] dollar, stable democratic government, and ease of lifestyle and safety and security are the key draw cards as well as [quality] higher education,” he said, as featured in the South China Morning Post. See link below


SecondBite Gala Dinner 2019

Posted on 17 Jun 2019, 10:10 a.m.

On Monday 3rd June, #Abercromby's Real Estate gathered along with many other guests at the Melbourne Town Hall, to help support #SecondBite in raising funds for those in need, at the Waste Not Want Not gala.

Watch the highlights from Waste Not Want Not by clicking below:


SecondBite Gala Dinner 2019

Abercromby's - Making headlines!

Posted on 24 May 2019, 1:12 p.m.

Making headlines - #Abercromby's and #JockLangley featured in the South China Morning Post



#abercrombysrealestate #aimhigh #staytrue #betrue #exceptional #Luxury #property #prestige

#luxuryandLifestyle #premiumproperty #melbourneproperty #propertymarket

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MEET OUR TEAM- Introducing Hugh Hardy

Posted on 21 May 2019, 10:05 a.m.

"We had a fantastic place that we were going to sell. We had it booked in for a private auction. On the morning of the auction, one buyer pulled out on route and as we arrived at the place the other buyer rang to say: “Look, I am coming but as a courtesy I am not going to bid”. And I thought: don’t drop your bundle, stay calm, blinkers on, and this is when focus came in. I knew the buyer, I had met them twelve years ago and we had formed a relationship. That’s when it all begins. Little actions you take have huge ripple effects later on in life. Instantly I knew what they had and where they were coming from, and it made sense that this property would work for them. So that is when the penny dropped. We ended up going into one of the bedrooms and I shut the door, and I said: “talk to me about this, what is it?” They said we are interested but wanted to sell their property again and were not sure whether they wanted to commit yet. I have acquired, followed, and tracked the market in Toorak and South Yarra, in those key areas, for nearly thirty years. I have got a long memory of sales and their relevance, and how they translate to the current market. You can quickly translate that into action and words, and deeds, and you know who to call. For example, you can look at a house and go I know that one person I can call who will like that house because you met them five or ten years ago or their kids are looking for it. It is like pulling the old phone plug out and putting one in and the deal is done. We had sort of a principal conversation about that, where they would buy it and we would endeavour to sell their property within a certain window of time. It was agreed to and there was a window where we really had to pull a rabbit out of a hat and make it happen. We put it in for a private auction campaign, which we did, and it was the right time and the right place, but we also knew when to sort of strike to make that deal happen. We set a record price in Toorak at the time, I still think it one of the record prices on a land basis. That is putting the deal together on both sides of the equation, that was the best feeling for us and they were really happy, and our vendors were ecstatic."

LISTEN to Hugh's story here:

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More Than Opera Annual Dinner

Posted on 20 May 2019, 1:52 p.m.

Last Saturday, 18th May, #Abercromby’s were proud to help support the More than Opera Annual Dinner - a fabulous not for profit bringing music to the community to help battle depression.


Ada Taylor & Hugh Hardy volunteered their services as Auctioneers for the evening, achieving a fabulous result!

@morethanoprera #music #charity #abercrombys #auction #auctioneer #adataylor #hughhardy #abercrombysrealestate

#aimhigh #staytrue

You know you’re in Melbourne, but here, you feel top of the world

Posted on 20 May 2019, 12:08 p.m.

26 Shakespeare Grove, Hawthorn-28.jpg

When you turn the car off Burwood Road, Hawthorn into Yarra Street, you find yourself in some of the most rarefied property air in all Melbourne.

The St James Park Estate and its winding, verdant loveliness is a thing to behold. On the exclusive streets here, that bend and dip to accommodate the flow of the Yarra, are a clutch of our city’s grandest homes.

Although the area is studded mostly with imposing period manors on large grounds, there’s a sort of lovely accessibility here; views that open onto the city

skyline and the river gums confer a connection, rather than retreat from the surrounding environment.

Number 26 Shakespeare Grove is a radiant case in point. This wedge-shaped block offers fine vistas from its sublime west-facing rear where the inner suburbs lay a gorgeous multi-coloured carpet up to the towers of town.

Built in about 1890, plenty of period finery has been retained and polished here, but there are generous broad spaces of a more contemporary bent too. The rear of the house, with its expansive family and entertaining spaces, was added about 20 years ago and the amenity the rooms provide is brilliant.

From the bend on Shakespeare Grove you take the gated entry up a set of stairs to a tessellated-tiled return verandah. In front, a parterre-style garden offers prettiness and privacy and provides a winning green frame. Beyond the luminous leadlighting of the arched entrance a wide foyer with parquetry flooring anchors the lofty decorative ceilings.

Bank right to the first of the majestic formal rooms. The billiard room has excellent dimensions and an entirely apposite colour scheme; deep magenta walls rise up to a charcoal trimmed coved ceiling.

A beautiful large bay window brings the light and a timber fireplace the warmth.

Cross back to the near identical dimensions and style of the media room, except here you get your own marble wet bar.

You can cross past the stair and head west to the living areas via a passage that has a powder room, neat little indoor cubby and internal access to the garage or take in the grand dining room just below the entrance hall.

A set of steps take you down into this fine space, both broad and beautiful. French doors lead onto a quiet, covered terrace with a pond.

Head further on from here to the kitchen that features a rangy walk-in pantry and a long marble preparation bench to the side.

Sitting front and centre is the lovely kitchen with a long marble and timber island bench.

Behind there’s an ornate rangehood and top-notch appliances. Across on the north wall there’s a brilliant little sun trap where a window seat looks out over a mosaic-tiled feature wall.

The spacious open-plan family room has enough space to offer another generous dining area as well as luxurious lounging. There’s plenty of leg room here centred around an angled corner fireplace and three sets of french doors over that superb west-facing rear garden.

A full-length verandah rolls down to a deep, synthetic-grass terrace. The lush borders offer excellent privacy and feature towering palms and tropical greenery.

All this flows down more stairs to surround the sparkling pool and spa. There’s plenty of paved areas down here too and a raised platform offers a terrific dining spot. Beyond there’s a pool room with a kitchenette and bathroom. You can access level one via the main entrance stair or the steps near the kitchen.

Whichever way you choose there are treats galore up here. To the easterly front are two superb, typically Victorian rooms – grand in size and with glorious views beyond the lacework balcony that wraps around to the south. You could use these as particularly fine bedrooms, or they’d be perfect as rumpus/retreat spaces. Boasting marble fireplaces, ceiling roses and bay windows, you’d be happy whatever the function.

A crisp white bathroom services this section before you do the hall split and head up more stairs. Three lovely bedrooms sit here, two on the south side are split by a sparkling shared en suite with twin basin vanity and glass shower.

Head into the main bedroom – the scope here is near perfect – large, but not overwhelming. There’s a walk-in wardrobe and a marble-trimmed en suite but the star is the balcony.

Running across the room at full stretch you can head onto it through three sets of french doors and then you’re in heaven. Sit out here and you can see the city and those gums; the Pelaco sign and St Kilda Road.

You know you’re in Melbourne but here in St James Park, on this balcony, you feel like you’re on top of the world.

26 Shakespeare Grove, Hawthorn

5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, 2 car spaces

Agent : Abercromby’s, Jock Langley, 0419 530 008

Expressions of interest: close 5pm, June 4

Need to Know

The Yarra River winds its way along the bottom part of this precinct. Access to Richmond and the city is a skip away over Hawthorn Bridge. The 75 tram services the area and Melbourne Girls’ College and a range of private schools are within a few kilometres.

What the Agent Says

“The St James Park Estate is arguably the pinnacle of Hawthorn with wide, leafy streets and magnificent architecture. Only eight houses on the west side add to the prestige of this location.” Jock Langley

MEET OUR TEAM- Introducing Jock Langley

Posted on 15 May 2019, 9:42 a.m. in Abercromby's, News

"I was brought up on a large station in New South Wales and you often watch sheep as a mob, trotting off across the paddock. One sheep will lead and the rest of the flock will follow. I always thought why do they do that? Coming up with the concept of a private auction was not necessarily my idea. It was more of my client’s idea. The client had been through a bereavement and had a beautiful home with a magnificent art collection and really did not want the invasion of a public campaign. And I thought lightbulb moment, we can work with this idea. It is how do we turn that into reality for this particular client and talk more about what our clients want rather than what I want as an estate agent. I remember my grandmother always used to print these beautiful invitations for parties she used to host on a regular basis. So, I thought maybe we could use the idea of a nice invitation with the right clientele, still publicise and promote the property, and then at the end of the exercise have an auction by invitation. That success story was fabulous. I think we got a really good outcome for our client. I think a lot of our peers were pretty surprised in the way we carried that through. It certainly got the marketplace talking. You know that you are in a dominant marketplace and if you don’t dare to do things differently and think outside of the square, then you are likely to get squashed. And I have that fighting instinct, so I am always looking for new ideas and concepts that are going to help us develop."

LISTEN to Jock's story here:

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AustCham Singapore Business Connects

Posted on 27 Feb 2019, 10:21 a.m.


Abercromby's Real Estate director Jock Langley networking at AustCham Singapore Business Connects event last Thursday 21st Feb at The Stamford Brasserie.

#buildingrelationships #networking #abercrombysrealestate #aimtrue #betrue #aimhigh #relationships #melbourne #realestate #property.

Abercromby’s. Aim True.

Posted on 27 Feb 2019, 9:19 a.m.

When we started Abercromby's over fourteen years ago, we wanted to set new standards in the marketplace; to be the brand of choice for Luxury & Lifestyle property. We've stayed true to the beliefs that have guided us from day one, and continue to grow and impact the market in new and exciting ways.

Our promise to clients is always to Aim True. We do this by providing clear advice, drawing on our collective knowledge and always placing the client's needs, at the centre of everything we do. Poise and precision count, in ever-changing times.

We appreciate that people don't just buy people, they buy character. After all, you're selling a home full of stories, and a significant asset. Having partners you can talk and connect with is crucial. We've produced a series of videos that share our team's stories, what they value and what makes Abercromby's, distinctively Abercromby's. We hope they instil the confidence required to have a conversation with us; whether you're listing a property for sale or looking for a better set of hands to manage your properties.

Abercromby's. Aim True.

Questions? Andrew would be happy to help

#abercrombysrealestate #aimhigh #staytrue #betrue #exceptional #Luxury #property #prestige

#luxuryandLifestyle #premiumproperty #melbourneproperty #propertymarket

#realestate #luxuryandlifestyleproperty #luxurylifestylerealestate #abercrombys #luxuryhomes

#melbourne #relationships #premium #commited #abercrombysteam #melbre

Maddie’s Shield #3 Celebrity T20 Match

Posted on 21 Feb 2019, 2:38 p.m.

Last Sunday, 17th of February, Abercromby’s were proud to help support the Maddie's Shield #3 Celebrity T20 Match. Hugh Hardy volunteered his services as the Auctioneer for the day, achieving a fabulous result!


Overall the day was a great success, with all monies raised going to Maddie Riewoldt's Vision

Happy Holidays

Posted on 14 Dec 2018, 11:29 a.m.


Our office will be closed for business from 5.30pm Friday 21st December 2018 and will re-open 9.00am Wednesday 2nd January 2019.

If you have any EMERGENCY maintenance issues during this time, please call the appropriate 24 hours tradesperson below. Please also ensure you notify us via email that you have contacted them.

Plumbing – Esteem Group ph: 1300 791 780
Electrical – Master Maintenance Property Services ph: 0488 725 566
Electrical – Esteem Group ph: 1300 791 780
Other Maintenance – Master Maintenance Property Services ph: 0488 725 566
Other Maintenance – Esteem Group ph: 1300 791 780
Flood Restoration – Flood Emergency Services ph: 0421 554 338
Flood Restoration – CBD & Mega Property Services ph: 0402 174 463

From all of us at Abercromby’s: drive safely, swim safely, love each other, and raise a glass to this wonderful country.

Have a Merry Christmas and a happy, successful 2019.

Treasure Chest Charity's "Touch of Red" lunch.

Posted on 21 Nov 2018, 12:57 p.m.

TCC lunch.gif

Last Saturday, 17th of November, Abercromby’s were proud to help support the Treasure Chest Charity at their "Touch of Red" charity lunch. Ada Taylor volunteered her services as the Auctioneer for the day, achieving a fabulous result!

Overall the day was a great success, with all monies raised to go towards the Cancer Breast Care Services.
Abercromby’s are so proud to be able to support such a wonderful charity through the Abercromby's Charitable Fund.

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