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Sam Goddard


Business: +61 3 9864 5300
Mobile: +61 448 870 454
Fax: +61 3 9864 5333

It’s clear as soon as you meet Sam that he and real estate were made for each other. His enthusiasm for the profession and his energy levels make an immediate and lasting impression on people.

For Sam, property is a career choice. It always was. Focused on establishing his position in the industry from an early age, his progressive attitude and positive approach saw him awarded runner-up in the 2016 REIV Outstanding Young Agents Award as well as the Domain Rising Star Award. He went one better in 2017 by winning the Domain Rising Star Award. Recognising a prodigy, Abercromby’s made him a Director because his passion and achievements demanded the position. Sam has a commitment to consistent improvement and development that means he stays at the front of the pack in a field where the competition is fierce. As someone who has sought the input and responded to the influence of mentors over time, Sam is impressively credentialed to provide his clients with astute, accurate advice that can assist them during the decision-making that accompanies the sale process. A relationship builder with a natural instinct for establishing rapport with people, Sam’s approach inspires confidence in vendors during what can often be a stress-inducing time. His initiative and acumen bring measurable benefits to his clients – most critically of course regarding the ultimate measure, the final price for their property. These qualities have established Sam as one of Victoria’s outstanding agents in the luxury markets of both new developments and upper echelon homes. Specialties: Creating relationships, listening to & understanding vendors & buyers wants and needs, and implementing the correct strategy to achieve their desired result.

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Tim Derham


Business: +61 3 9864 5300
Mobile: +61 438 332 844
Fax: +61 3 9864 5333

Regularly seen as the voice of the elite Melbourne property market, Tim has forged an image that transcends that of a real estate agent and is now equal part market commentator.

Of course this notoriety has not come overnight, building this image from the foundations of a skilled negotiator and revered strategist who will always be sure to get the best result possible. As an agency principal, his drive, passion and relentless goal oriented work ethic permeates the whole of Abercromby’s and spurs on all around him. With his extensive overseas travel leading to relationships that extend beyond the Melbourne market, combined with his Melbourne Grammar education and family home in Stonnington there is no pocket of the market that Tim is not connected to.

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Mark Williams

Senior Sales Executive & Auctioneer

Business: +61 3 9864 5300
Mobile: +61 417 189 377
Fax: +61 3 9864 5333

Mark Williams is a stalwart of Stonnington real estate – a round the clock agent whose focus and openness has allowed him to build one of the most enviable networks in the industry.

The key to Mark’s success is a genuine respect for the need to do what is required to stay informed. As a member of a long serving real estate family, Mark has a voracious appetite for information – committing considerable attention to market fluctuations and trends and interpreting them swiftly and effectively to ensure both he and his clients have all that is required to make informed decisions. It has allowed him to assemble one of the most engaged and dynamic databases in the business, made up of clients from around the globe for whom his frank and timely newsletters and observations have become invaluable. That passion spills over into auctioneering, with Mark becoming renowned for conducting auctions that are energetic, passionate and, ultimately, successful. In 2015, having spent more than 20 years operating at the highest level throughout the Stonnington market Mark made the decision to join Abercromby’s, having recognised a shared commitment for focussing on the right kind of values.

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Kharla Williams

New Developments

Business: + 61 3 9864 5300
Mobile: + 61 412 064 838
Fax: + 61 3 9864 5333

Kharla has become a true child of Stonnington, she knows its streets, cafes, and culture like no other, and has been a virtuoso in its distinctive real estate market since the early 2000s.

She lives here, and feels privileged to do so. Whether it’s coffee at Officine, Gilson for brunch, Bistro Gitan for dinner or Entrecote for a Friday evening drink with friends, Kharla has her ear to the ground in all the right places and knows the neighbourhood like few others.

Kharla likes to get to know her clients, because she abides by a personal ethos that the needs of a buyer must be fully understood and observed. ‘That’s key to the industry,’ she says. ‘Find out exactly what your client wants, and locate, or create, the property that matches their pre-conceived blueprint.’

Importantly, and unlike the industry norm, where a senior agent lists a development and subsequently buyer enquiry is managed by juniors, Kharla not only lists new developments, she’s the first point of call for all prospective purchasers. Her client’s are glad to be dealing with the woman in charge.

Her comprehensive experience in the industry means she is able to offer assistance with floor plans, design reviews, and sales and marketing strategy. A true renaissance woman who, ‘Can’t describe the exhilaration of making a sale happen. The best moment in any development’s campaign is selling the very last dwelling. In that moment you know your job is done and, secondly, you can't help but feel you shall have a client in that developer for life.’

Outside work Kharla’s passions include... well... worky stuff: architecture, interior design, outdoor design, travel... she’s always honing her skills. She’s also a keen runner but, to be honest, is probably thinking of ways to maximize a client’s outcome even while burning up the Tan.

Embracing the Abercromby’s ethos, Kharla says, ‘I love it – BE TRUE – authenticity, teamwork, clients’ needs and desires are the priority. We listen to how the client wants the campaign to run and ensure outcomes are achieved.’

Kharla’s passion is a natural energy that we at Abercromby’s are all trying to live up to.

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Sarah Hall

Sales Assistant to Sam Goddard

Business: +613 9864 5300
Mobile: +61 428 281 350
Fax: +613 9864 5333

The moment you meet Sarah you realize you’ve encountered one of life’s ebullient optimists, inquisitive, eager to embrace a task, and immediately thinking ahead to a result.

It makes total sense when you find out she’s a country girl, who grew up in Mansfield... plain speaking, no hidden agenda.

Her rare facility for person-to-person engagement enabled her to enter the industry young and begin working with an experienced team of agents in Sales Administration, where she mastered the important groundwork. She loved the stories and histories behind the properties, and she loved connecting with clients, so she knew immediately real estate wasn’t a job... it was a career. Her knowledge grew and she was soon selling and leasing a variety of property in Mansfield and surrounds.

Eventually Sarah’s drive and distinction outgrew her hometown and she needed a bigger challenge. So here she is in the Blue-Ribbon postcodes. The core principles of salesmanship are the same, she says, but local knowledge is invaluable. Working with Sam Goddard as her mentor Sarah knows she will be learning from the best. She immediately recognized Abercromby’s AIM TRUE ethos as similar to how things get done in a country town. ‘In the country you’re going to meet your clients again, everywhere you go. They’re a living history of how you’ve behaved. That makes for a healthy accountability. Abercromby’s business is largely word-of-mouth, so the same principle applies; you’re a string of happy clients or you’re no one. I like that.’

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