Rental Update

Not even the school holidays, a time when parents traditionally have their harried minds on other things, have slowed down enquiries for houses. At Abercromby’s we’ve fielded great interest in both large and small rental houses. Given this demand we are confident our property management team will be able to maximise the return on your property if you are contemplating becoming a Rental Provider.

The rental market for apartments is not as go-ahead as for houses. That said, we have recently leased a number of apartments that had been sitting vacant. Even with the international students and many foreign workers absent from the market, when owners of apartments meet the market price, a lease is quickly signed.

Abercromby’s vacancy rate has been coming down – largely due to the tightening of the housing market. There is a lack of demographic movement as a result of lockdowns, and as a consequence less rental properties are becoming available at present.