Rental Update

Properties are still leasing well, provided landlords are realistic enough to meet the unique market conditions. Modern apartments and houses seem to be particularly popular currently... perhaps something to do with looking to the future and bright tomorrows. Richmond is an especial hotspot at the moment. Elsewhere properties are taking a little longer to lease, though we expect that once lockdown restrictions are further loosened there will be a flurry of transmigration across town. It has never been busier for private inspections, with myriad enquiries from Gen-Y renters who have had enough of being incarcerated alongside the ignorant relics who raised them.

It’s been a challenging autumn, and winter will likely be the same, but we are expecting a great awakening from hibernation in spring.

With most of us doing a lot more cooking at home since the hospitality industry shut down properties with fully-equipped modern kitchens are particularly in demand.