Rental Update

At Abercromby’s we have seen a strong demand for four bedroom houses, preferably with a swimming pool, in the Brighton, Toorak and Malvern areas. This demand is particularly fierce adjacent to schools. Given this, if you have a rental property of this sort, now is the time to get it into the market. Throughout September we successfully leased many fine houses and this has resulted in a shortage on our books that has created a real demand for quality homes. The specialist rental team at Abercromby’s sees us currently boasting a vacancy rate of under 1%, less than half the market average. Meaning, in simple terms, you’d be twice as likely to have an empty property if you were renting with someone else.

As usual this late in the year well-organized folk are making plans for the next, and we are fielding a high flow of enquiries for January and February 2020. We caution against leaving the listing of your property until November and December when many new tenants are settled and demand begins dropping away. So if you’re considering leasing your property in the New Year do yourself a favour and give one of our team members a call.