Rental Update

Tenants have become far less domestically mobile during the real estate downturn. They are staying put. At Abercromby’s our vacancy rate remains hovering below one percent, the lowest we have ever seen. We have renters queuing for dwellings to move into right away, so we need more properties. Right through the spectrum of rental property, from single bedroom apartments in Prahran to four bedroom houses in Toorak, a shortage of quality rental opportunities has developed. So, if you’re looking to maximize earning on a rental property, Abercromby’s can leverage this shortage of supply into premium rent for you.

For the renter, we do have a number of properties that will be available for lease over the next few weeks as high-end new developments reach completion. If the idea of moving into one of this town’s most modern luxury apartments appeals to you, let Myles know on 9864 5353 or 0433 916 155.