Rental Update

We are becoming a nation of nomads. Everybody seems to be moving. Enquiries from prospective tenants looking for houses are off the charts, with three, four, and five bedroom houses all in equally high demand. This is seemingly general, across the suburban board, rather than specific. It stretches from Malvern to St Kilda to Kew... not forgetting all-and-sundry in between. From experience we don’t expect this to settle before Easter at the earliest.

With sweltering spikes in the summer weather now taking us beyond 40C with regularity, air-conditioning is no longer an afterthought or a luxury. For most tenants it is now essential, standard rather than an extra in automotive terms. Something for landlords to bear in mind in order to maximise tenancy prospects. Garaging has also become more important to tenants lately, with thefts of luxury cars to order, and Biblical lashings of hail sweeping across Melbourne as if they were ordered off a meteorological menu by panel beaters.

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