Rental Update

Strong population growth in Melbourne means the rental market is in an extremely vibrant mode and has been non-stop since the beginning of the year. There is a huge demand for quality homes in the region of $1000per week, and there is still a shortage of properties in the $2000per week+ range. So if you have a property in this range Abercromby’s will be able to avail you of quality tenants without any delay. We say “quality” tenants because, to put it bluntly, tenants come in a range of desirability, from execrable to excellent. Here we have a head start, because Abercromby’s’ prestige property portfolio attracts good tenants

With the new pet laws now in full swing landlords need to be more accepting of pets in their rental properties. It’s not a development most landlords are in favour of, but it is now the law. And we expect more and more tenants to arrive with the baggage of a furry friend. An increase in hard floorings in rental properties is one reaction to this development.