Rental Update

With the end of the school holidays families have returned from the beaches and begun to think about the year ahead, meaning they’re looking for good houses to rent. Demand for houses around schools peaks at this time of year, so if you are thinking of renting a house, especially in a status-school zone, now is the moment of maximum opportunity.

Brighton, Fitzroy and Richmond are currently the hottest rental markets. Properties close to universities are always in demand but especially so at the start of the academic year, meaning demand and rental prices rise, so seize the moment and contact us about getting your property tenanted for premium rental.

As far as property maintenance goes we have lately seen extensive water damage caused by the strength and length of summer storms. They seem to have got nastier. So a good tip is to have your gutters cleaned regularly, as it prevents internal flooding. But remember Molly. No one over fifty up a ladder.

If you’re thinking of leasing your property. Contact Myles Crowhurst on 9864 5353 or 0433 916 155, he has renters ready to sign.