Rental Team


Tatiana Marcelin

Department Head, Property Management

Business: +61 3 9864 5353
Mobile: +61 3 9864 5331
Fax: +61 3 9864 5333

A licensed Estate Agent whose professional expertise in property management is matched by her personal enthusiasm for real estate – she acquired her first home at the age of 25 – Tatiana is driven by an ambition to always create the best possible outcome for her clients.

Her study in Interior Design and with Architects and previous career success with prestigious companies in that field complement the skills and abilities she possesses for ensuring property owners have confidence that their investment property will be professionally managed and produce consistently pleasing returns.

Competitive by nature, committed to provided exceptional service – from both property owner and tenant points of view – Tatiana’s considerable experience has been gained in the most dynamic market environments.

She is fluent in French and English, was born and raised in Mauritius and moved to Australia when she was 18. Her love of a challenge, her diligence and her natural instinct for assisting people immediately inspire confidence in her clients – and ensure they return to her whenever they seek to have their investment property goals realized.

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Myles Crowhurst - Final.jpg

Myles Crowhurst

Business Development Manager, Property Management.

Business: +61 3 9864 5353
Mobile: +61 433 916 155
Fax: +61 3 9864 5333

Having nearly 15 years of experience makes Myles one of the most well versed property managers in the game. Add to this his role as Business Development Manager and you have a member for the Abercromby’s team that is entirely unique.

An ability to attract property owners to Abercromby’s through open, honest and friendly discussions has proven a fantastic tool in the continued development of our management service, where clients are then shown the exacting standards that we set through our management. Myles’ professionalism and dedication has permeated the whole of the property management arm of Abercromby’s and is reflected in each member of the team. Is a member of the Essendon football club and tries to go to as many games with his son as possible

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Nicole Meier - Final.jpg

Nicole Meier

Senior Property Manager

Business: +61 3 9864 5353
Mobile: +61 3 9864 5323
Fax: +61 3 9864 5333

Nicole is strongly passionate about real estate. Having lived in Melbourne since the early 2000s, she’s worked in the industry since 2007, specializing in property management and gaining her Certificate IV in property services. After more than a decade she knows the game forward and backwards, and says caring for every client’s property as if it was her own is key.

Nicole grew up in Gippsland and northern Victoria on The Murray River at Echuca, where she excelled at outdoor activities. It almost seems a natural progression then that after completing her VCE she became a horse-riding instructor in Michigan USA, then worked in the ski-fields at Whistler in Canada and again at Mount Hotham.

She still occasionally succumbs to the call of the wild and heads for the mountains and the trails. But these days she is delighted to be learning Abercromby’s methodology, which, she says, fits her open, candid, country manner. ‘Abercromby’s operates with community-based values. A recognition that every person you deal with today you will meet again tomorrow. It’s an approach to relationships I understand from growing up in a small community. So I feel very at home in the Abercromby’s family.’

You can take the girl out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of the girl. Which explains why Nicole is still active in the outdoors in her leisure time, snowboarding and wakeboarding, and travelling and photographing nature.

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Laura Gardner FINAL.jpg

Laura Gardner

Property Management Administration Manager

Business: +61 3 9864 5353
Mobile: +61 3 9864 5324
Fax: +61 3 9864 5333

Having achieved a First Class Diploma in Events Management, Laura worked in London for some years in administration and hospitality, but found herself somewhat disgruntled at the lack of continuing person-on-person interaction that industry and career entailed. She wanted to work with people, get to know them, solve problems for them.

At the end of a working day she wanted to know she’d given meaningful service to someone. Laura’s father is a real estate agent in Coffs Harbour, and having worked with him for some time she remembered how enthused he was by achieving good results for his clients. Given that, Laura was always coming home to real estate, and has embraced Abercromby’s client-first approach and boutique nature with gusto, and recently aced her Agents Representative Course.

Growing up in Coffs Harbour on the NSW mid-north coast, Laura enjoys the outdoors; travelling, being by the beach, and nature walks. She also enjoys trying new cafes when she can and relaxing with family and friends.

She appreciates Property Management for its ongoing relationships. And recognizes the measure of success as managing both landlords and clients through multiple properties. An ongoing relationship is necessarily a happy one.

Laura sees herself as an intermediary between landlord and tenant, a dealmaker and peacekeeper, a role, she says, that needs not only the sharpest knowledge of market trends, but a good deal of diplomatic skill as well.

And having worked among the late night revelers in the glittering nightlights of London, she is perfectly tuned for the role of diplomacy.

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Evelyn Aparo - Final.jpg

Evelyn Aparo

Rental Trust Accountant

Business: +613 9864 5353
Mobile: +61 3 9864 5319
Fax: +61 3 9864 5333

Evelyn started working as a Receptionist in the Property Management Department of Real Estate at the age of eighteen and has worked in Property Management ever since. Not many people in Melbourne have the vision nor the feel for the rental market that she does.

Evelyn’s skill set has been honed by countless dealings with Tenants and Landlords over the years. Listening to their problems and empathizing with them endows you with a psychological understanding you can’t get anywhere but at the coalface of the rental process, she says.

She maintains the most important part of her job is diplomacy, and her diplomatic skills are enhanced by her experience. She is an emissary between Landlord and Tenant and has a keen appreciation of a property owner’s financial prerogatives and a tenant’s concerns. “Sometimes I’ll sit with a client for an hour, just talking. You’d be amazed how much easier it is to smooth out someone’s troubles when you’ve taken the time to get to know them.”

A mother of two kids who love sport, she enjoys shuffling them to one competition or another. And when that’s done, it’s off to see the mighty Carlton Blues. Evelyn is a Melbourne girl through-and-through. But if you twist her arm she will admit to absconding to Noosa at any chance she gets.

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