Market Update



In this ever changing world, Abercromby’s, a leader in luxury and lifestyle properties has been handling more prestige property listings and sales privately.
Our research shows that print media is dying and the internet is booming. Abercromby’s are selling 74% of properties over $3 million privately and 83% of properties over $6 million quietly, privately and discreetly.
Privacy and confidentiality are most important to us. It’s all about our clients and not us. We don’t announce private, off market sales to the world. Marketing a property via the print media can be a very expensive exercise with no guarantee of a sale. 
Some of our private sales on offer not included in the print media include:

• 7 Barry Street, Kew
• Luxury Apartments at 85 Spring Street, Melbourne
• Luxury Apartments at Domain Lane, South Yarra
• 19 Kooyongkoot Road, Hawthorn
• 15 Evans Court, Toorak
• 3 Ridgeway Avenue, Kew

If you are looking to sell or buy, quietly and discreetly, contact one of our team on 9864 5300 to discuss your real estate matters further.