Super rich’s peninsula playground mansions bought and sold invisibly

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As F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote, the very rich are different from you and me. For one thing, they live in much bigger houses and so have less opportunity to get on one another’s nerves.And when it comes time to sell those houses – what regular folk like to call mansions – there’s more of a how-to-do than just bunging a few photos online and labelling the place with ”a touch of class”.   

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By Design: 11 Bates Street Malvern East

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The renovation of East View, a grand Victorian mansion in Malvern East,
Victoria, was never going to be easy. But for Janene Young and her
family it was a challenge they were willing to take.


An interior designer by profession, Janene Young was the perfect candidate to manage the immense task of renovating East View – her company Inhabiting Flair specialises in “transforming private homes into welcoming and comfortable spaces that suit modern day living without foregoing the character and integrity of the traditional features that anchor and give soul to the residence,” she explains. But the huge overhaul was always going to be a big commitment in time, funds, energy and emotion.


Built in 1894, East View is an expansive two-storey Victorian home located in the Gascoigne Estate in Malvern East. The Young’s purchased the property in 1999 and began the renovation two years later, which would be done in two major stages and eventually completed in 2009.

To read the full article see “The Period Home Renovator Buyer’s Guide 2013″.

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