SOLD by Abercromby's - 2 Myvore Court, Toorak

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This week the mainstream media again gave air to the impending doom of all Melbourne Property, through coverage of Citibank’s international head’s visit to Australia. Whilst some were digesting that, there was a sale that only helped confirm the opposite of Citibank’s constantly reported negative comments, with regards to the Australian property market.

That sale was 2 Myvore Road Toorak with Jock Langley and Tim Derham from Abercromby’s. It is a Melbourne Game Changer.

At James Marketnews there are no blankets (statements) and so the market we are talking about is good quality family homes in Inner Melbourne.

2 Myvore Toorak
What should a home – a very, very good one, over 4 levels with all the bells and whistles in Toorak go for?

Well let us help you work through it.

The block is an average house block for Melbourne at 790 square metres and was purchased/settled two years ago at $4,450,000 – a knock down – that worked out then at $5,600 per sq metre. It was bought at a strong time in the market (2015), possibly when some people were telling all and sundry, that the market was overheated.

Myvore is a good street, but is it one of Melbourne’s or indeed Toorak’s best streets?

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Trophy homes around the nation: Portsea clifftop property sold by Abercromby's

Posted on February 20, 2017 in Abercromby's , News , Sold

Trophy homes around the nation: Portsea clifftop property sold by Abercromby's

Abers_3792 Point Nepean Road Portsea_JH_Drone_136.jpg

Pharmaceutical entrepreneur Jeremy Cutts and wife Robin have bought on the Portsea clifftop. The property was offered for the first time in
35 years.. Read More

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